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ANyone ever gone through this? I will be going through it within a month and wanted to know what type of recovery you had.... Do you live with pain in the wrist? Range of motion? How much pressure can you put on it? Have you had arthritis in the wirst? Is it close to 100% as it was before the fracture?



My son had a very bad accident more than a year ago. He shattered his left elbow and his scaphoid bone. He had several surgeries on his arm, and had a different hand specialist do the surgery on his hand. I am happy to tell you that he has since had all hardware removed from his elbow. They were most concerned about range of motion for his arm, he has almost perfect range of motion in his arm and his hand.

His hand healed well and he doesn't seem to have any complaints about it hurting him. The pins will not be removed from hi hand.

I hope you have recovered. It's a tricky bone to fix.