Hi all,

Two and a half weeks ago I fell of a ladder fracturing my rib and ? # scaphoid. I have had a ? # scaphoid four times previously and last November fractured my wrist completely accross the main bone.

I returned to the hospital last Thursday and as usual the fracture to the scaphoid didn't show so I was placed in a splint. However the pain increased and later that evening my thumb went into spasm causing excrutiating pain. It went straight against the inside palm of my hand if that makes sense and I couldn't do anything with it. I returned to Casualty and was placed back into a back slab. The first time I did it was 3 and a half years ago during police training.

Yesterday I was seen in trauma clinic where I have been placed inot a complete cast for 3 further weeks and signed sick for 4 weeks. I have to return in three weeks.

As soon as it was taken out of the cast yesterday the exact same thing happened to the thumb. The consultant said he hoped it was just a reaction the pain but if not would have to look further - ligaments/tendons etc. Has anyone else experienced this???

I am concerned because when it happens I can't hold a pen or anything and am concerned it could be permanent. Its never happened before.

Also to the medics out there, signing me off for 4 weeks but seeing me in three does this make sense to you??? They've mentioned possible surgery in the past could he be anticipating this? For advice I also suffer from ME & Fibromyalgia not to mention other non significant illnesses. I'm 23.

Any advice greatly appreciated.