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If you are one of the people who are not satisfied by the effects of Hoodia supplements, please read on.
Hoodia gordinii is known for its appetite suppressing properties, which help in losing weight. This natural herb provides a number of other health benefits also. However, few recent researches have shown that Hoodia supplements may not be effective for everyone and in some people the effects are considerably lesser than what they are supposed to be. Hence, let’s the mistakes that may interfere in the complete effect of these supplements.

It won’t help you quit the wrong eating habits & only Hoodia Gordonii works

1.    The most important thing to remember while taking Hoodia supplements is that they can’t help you quit the wrong eating habits that you might have. If you keep eating even if you don’t feel hungry after taking the supplements, then they won’t be able to help you lose weight. Hence, if you are an over-eater, then you should work on changing this attitude before star taking Hoodia supplements to lose weight.

2.    There are more than 21 types of Hoodia cactus. Hoodia Gordonii is the one that’s used to suppress appetite among people. So, ensure that the supplement that you are taking has Hoodia gordonii it. Many companies sell Hoodia supplements without specifying the variant of Hoodia used in them. It is possible that the Hoodia supplement you are taking doesn’t contain the appetite suppressing Hoodia gordonii. Therefore, only take Hoodia supplements after verifying the type of Hoodia used in it.

Hoodia gordonii curbs food cravings but reacts negatively with arsenic and lead

3.    Some attributes of Hoodia supplements can cause it to react adversely to certain elements in nature. For example, Hoodia gordonii, which is the active ingredient in these supplement and responsible for curbing food cravings, reacts negatively with arsenic and lead. Both of these components are commonly found in contaminated water. Therefore, if you fail to get the desired results from these supplements, then the water in your area can also be one of the reasons behind it.

4.    Many people make the mistake of choosing the cheaper, non-brading Hoodia supplements, instead of the branded ones. Even though, non-branded supplements are much cheaper than the branded ones, they don’t work as well as the genuine ones do. Branded supplements may cost you a fortune, but they work faster and help you lose weight much quickly. Moreover, some non-branded Hoodia supplement pills have ingredients which are harmful for the body and various vital organs. In order to find genuine and reliable Hoodia supplements, you can research on the internet. There are a number of websites which have thorough reviews of different kinds of Hoodia supplements available in the market. Never choose a Hoodia supplement without doing thorough research on it.

5.     If you are taking Hoodia supplements to burn of the extra fat or build muscles, then you are sadly mistaken. This herb helps us lose weight by curbing the cravings and excess hunger that we experience. It does not help our body burn extra calories or build muscles. If you want these effects, then you should try a strict exercise regimen and a negative calorie diet with your daily dose of Hoodia supplement.

Low calorie diet and patience are important part of weight loss process   

6.    Along with the Hoodia supplements, the consumer must also take a low calorie and healthy diet, in order to help the active ingredients in these supplements work to their potential. Otherwise, their effects will get nullified. Your diet should contain all the essential components of a healthy diet, including enough fiber and proteins. Make sure that your diet doesn’t include any amount of Trans fats, hydrogenated oil and fructose.

7.    Another common mistake is discontinuing the supplement after consumption of few days and not seeing the desired results. These supplements take some time to show true results and each individual takes different amount of time to react to them. An average person should take 3,000 mg to 4500 mg of these supplements per day. In order to avail the best effects, you can change the amount and medium of consumption of Hoodia supplements. In other words, if you don’t see any effects within 7-8 days of taking Hoodia supplements, try increasing the amount of intake and replacing liquid preparation with tablets or vice versa.

8.    Another common blunder that people make is to continue eating processed food while taking Hoodia supplements to lose weight. Processed food can hinder the working of these supplements and render them useless. This is because processed foods have a number of toxicant which might stop Hoodia gordonii from working in proper manner. Even the minimal amount of these toxins can hinder the functioning of Hoodia supplements. The most common symptoms of the fact that processed foods are stopping these supplements from effecting are constipation, water retention, stomach cramps and indigestion. In order to rectify this mistake, you must go through colon cleansing to clear out the colon completely, before taking Hoodia supplements.

If you feel that you were making any of these mistakes, then rectify them as soon as you can because these are the main reason behind you not being able to see any results. Finally, before you give up on your supplements and deem them useless, make sure that you are not doing anything wrong. If you are, change your ways and give Hoodia supplements another chance.