Forgive me (male poster) for intruding but I'm hoping some more experienced women can provide some insight to me. Long story short, my current girlfriend cycled off of BC this past fall. We are not trying to conceive and I have been using both condoms and withdrawal (consistently and together) to avoid pregnancy. My girlfriend's last period came on Christmas day. She took a HPT on February 7 which was negative (so she took this 43 days or so after her last period on Dec. 25th). Still, I'm concerned (even though she isn't) that her period has not returned. She thinks that it's because her cycle is screwed up due to having cycled off of the pill. Am I right to be concerned? Given how safe we were and the fact that she tested negative, everyone (including her) think I'm worrying unnecessarily about pregnancy. But, I'm not sure. FWIW, she hasn't experienced any symptoms (no sickness or extreme fatigue), although she has gained some weight (mainly due to diet and stress in her life right now). Thoughts/advice?