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  • I got caught shoplifting, my parents said stealing is a very bad thing to do and a serious sin, my parents said they don't want to see me go to jail so are punishing me severely, they have sentenced me to 2 weeks imprisonment, I am confined to my room and my bedroom door is locked, we are having a heatwave and I have been SHUT away in my room for 4 days, I am BORED , FED UP and VERY miserable, because its so hot and sunny I asked my parents if I could go and sit in the garden for a couple of hours, they said NO NO NO my punishment is to have my freedom taken away which means NO going out and that's the end of it I have stay in my room and my bedroom door stays locked. 

part of my punishment is to write lines every day, I have to write out 200 times every day, STEALING IS WRONG AND A VERY UNCHRISTIAN THING TO DO,

and I have to write out 200 times, I MUST LEARN TO OBEY THE LAW AND MY PARENTS RULES.

I also have to write a 6 page essay on why its wrong and unchristian to steal.

I also have to write a 6 page essay on unacceptable behaviour and punishments.  IS THIS PUNISHMENT FAIR ? DO YOU THINK I SHOULD BE ALLOWED OUT INTO THE GARDEN ? ps my parents lock my door because I have sneaked out before when grounded


Hi Becky

Just wondering if your behaviors have made it necessary for your parents to take kind of a strong stand with you.

If things continued and you ended being in juvenile detention you would not get to spend time in the garden and you would have a lot more restrictions.

Might help to focus on what they are trying to do to help you and are doing to hopefully get you to change your behaviors.

All this might seem harsh and unfair but in the end there is only one person that caused the problems.

While it is a very harsh punishment try to make it a learning experience and consider rather than continuing to do the things that led to this it might be time for change.

Your parents are worried about you and they want what is best for you.
You have made some mistakes but it might help you more to focus on learning from them and trying to change your behaviors.
Your mom and dad would hate to see you locked behind a door with bars on it this could be their way of giving you a strong message.


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If you live in the USA it's probably illegal for them to lock you in the room. Everything else is up to them. You probably wouldn't like what the criminal justice system would to you and would wish you could be back home.