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My brother in law was recently told that he has got autoimmune hepatitis. While it is great in a way that they now know what has been the matter with him all this time, he also has to change a lot of stuff about his life now. Like his diet, for instance. I want to make things easier for him and give him ideas for tasty meals. Any recommendations for websites?


Hello there,

Autoimmune hepatitis is condition which affects equally man and woman and most of the patients are suffering type one of this condition.

When it comes to the diet for this condition experts are claiming that Carrots, beets and artichokes are helpful foods for this condition. Also, eating raw foods and vegetables can be very beneficial.

Of course there is list of foods that should be avoided such as raw fish and refined foods. Also fatty foods and junk food shouldn’t be consumed. When it comes to drinks alcohol is a big no and all soft drinks which are containing caffeine. I hope that this was helpful.