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Hello. I have a question to ask. My friend has been experiencing some liver problems and I know that his father suffered from autoimmune hepatitis. Is it possible that this disorder is hereditary? Can my friend expect the same disorder? I would really appreciate if someone could answer my question. Thanks.


Hello there,

Autoimmune hepatitis is an autoimmune disease and this means that for some reason the immune system mistakes a person's own healthy cells as invaders and attacks them, causing damage.

It is the same situation with most of the autoimmune disorders and unfortunately researchers still don’t know the exact cause or causes of autoimmune hepatitis and why the immune system turns against itself.

But when it comes to autoimmune disorders it has been detected that certain genes have some role in heredity and of course environmental factors are usually essential for most of the disorders.

Since it has been thought that genetics play important role in cause of autoimmune hepatitis I would suggest to your friend to do the tests and analysis just to be sure.