Hello, my name is Mae. I'm 19 years old, I'm a virgin, and I have a very irregular cycle. Typically it averages every 30- 36 days. It can go as long as 47 days, and as short as 21. Right now its about day 28 in my cycle, the normal expected start date for menstruation. However, I've had heavy bleeding already for more then a week. It stopped for one day then continued to bleed, and its been at the least ten days already. There's been no pains, cramps, or any other regular menstrual symptoms. I'm very concerned that the bleeding wont stop, but i'm not sure if i'm over-reacting and its just a rare, long, painless period, or if theres more going on. Has anyone else experienced this?(I do not take birth control or any other medications, and i am not sexually active.)