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Well Here's the thing I just turned 14 weeks pregnant and I'm kind of nervous because I'm not sure who the father is. My last time having unprotected sex with my ex was October 17 2015 and then I had unprotected sex October 26 2015 with my current boyfriend my last period i can't remember can anyone help me? my due date is some time end of July 2016


Hi Lola,

Without either your LMP date OR your due date we have nothing to go on.

Even then, due dates are estimates.

You'll need a DNA test.



I was curious of your opinion of Due/conception date. I am expecting my second child.

I had an ultrasound on August 12, 2015 that was 9wks
My ultrasound on Sept 2, read 11w5d

My LMP was May 10 lasting until the 16th.
My cycles are irregular. 41 & 55 days according to my charts. I only had 3 periods in 2015:
Feb 16, March 3, May 10

My first ultrasound reading 9wks put my due date at March 16, with a conception date of June 24.

I'm curious because I had two partners in an 8 period.

Guy A who I have been seeing for 5 years
Our sexual activity days were June 4,7,21,22 (all were unprotected and ejaculation occurred inside)

Guy B
sexual intercourse was June 15th (pull out method) I saw him bring himself to ejacualtion so I know it wasn't inside of me.. (Sorry so crude)

I should mention that I have been having unprotected sex with only Guy A up until the 15th of June for 5 years and have never gotten pregnant.

I know many don't care for the period apps and I never follow them for ovulation because I'm so irregular and I have PCOS & Endometriosis. Which I know makes it even harder for me to determine ovulation IF I even ovulate. I have had a fibroid removed from my uterus as well. So I do have a lot of scar tissue.

I'm just curious with my ultrasound stating 9wks on Aug 12 with a due date of March 16th would it be highly possible that Guy A who did ejac inside of me would be the father over Guy B who did not go inside??

Guy A has no children and I was beginning to question if we would ever have any, where as Guy B does have a son. I am having a scheduled c section to deliver my son in March.

Is the pull out method effective if you KNOW that the orgasam was outside of your body and the fluids were never in contact with you??


Hi Mom2b,

Having a LMP start on May 10, your due date should be Feb 14. The most common way to calculate a due date, when the LMP is known, is to add 40 weeks to the date the LMP starts. These are all averages based on approximately a 28 day cycle.

Your irregular periods/PCOS make an accurate estimate impossible.

The pullout method is NOT reliable - at all. Precum can contain sperm. If you have sex more than one time just inserting the penis would introduce semen into the vagina - you can't clean the urethra.

You'll need a DNA test, sorry.