Hi all,

This is my first time posting. I am 5 weeks pg. and was taking 2x250 of Depakote. I just went to my ob today and she is encoraging me to terminate since I have been diagnosed with Biporar 2 last year, March. Before this, I had been hospitalized 2 times for "postpartum psychosis" as determined by drs. after I gave birth to my 2 miracles. My first was IVF and my second started IVF and became pg. shortly starting the process. I NEVER thought I'd get pg. again...on my own :( I feel sort of ashamed..I mean I'm 39 and pg. again and now being sick and the chances that this baby could have major birth defects is SOOOO frighening. I am terrified but do not want to terminate as both my husband and I feel that a baby is a gift from God so how could we terminate especially not knowing if there is anything wrong with the baby. What would you do? I know my age complicates things but we have minimal birth defects in our family and I really am against terminating a blessing growing inside of me. Am I being selfish? I have two healthy and beautiful kids..am I doing them a disservice...my husband has been so very helpful but he is afraid of a relapse and I am just in a very confused state right now. Should I get a second opinion. My ob wants me to schedule to have an u/s but even she said that the neural tubes are already formed and if I was on depakote the chances are likely that there will be something wrong with the baby. I stopped taking the Depakote and will see my psy. on Mond. to get on an alternate medication. Any advice you can provide will be so helpful.