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I am pregnant with MRSA and havehad several outbreaks since April :'( at which time I suspect to have been infected at the ER. I went to be treated for a bacterial cyst which worsened , mind you havenever had this befre , I am wondering if I terminate my pregnancy if the clinic will do this or would I have to go to the hospita. I have 3 children already and no support of their father , who is an abuser :'( , my last pregnancy was very hard on me :-( , I am now only a few weeks and very uncomfortable . Is there risk of tranfering to the baby's blood stream if I was to go full term, and could I haverisk of seroius infection?


The most common questions pregnant mothers who tested positive for MRSA have are: Can a MRSA staph infection cause miscarriage, can it lead to birth defects, and is there a risk it can be passed onto the baby? There is no evidence that MRSA can cause miscarriage or birth defects, but some of the antibiotics used to treat it are not safe during pregnancy and that limits treatment options. MRSA can be passed on, either during delivery or in the uterus, but it is rare. 

It sounds like you have a complex situation on your hands. It's up to you whether you terminate but talk to you doctor about the MRSA risks if that is the deciding factor in this case.