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New relationship after divorce (Ex had a vasectomy years ago), missed periods for 8 months, started up again in Feb 08. Cycles run from 21 - 35 days, some very light, others like uterine hemorrhage. Not kidding!

Two part question - what are the odds of becoming pregnant at my age and what birth control method would be best for me? Thinking diaphragm?

Thanks for the input -


As women get older, the amount of eggs we can produce get smaller. Usually by our age, 50ish, the egg production is quite slim.
Tho i have heard of women getting pregnant into their 50's, it is not very common.
Have you been to the Doctor? Sounds like menopause is paying you a visit. The long absence of a period, then having it show up again some time later is a sign of "the change" Yuck!!
I would say go to your Doctor and have him do some blood work. He will be able to tell you exactly where you are according to your hormone levels.
In the meantime, it might not hurt to use a condom until you know where your at.