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Can someone help me? I stopped taking my birth control at the end of May 08. I had protected sex sometime in July 08 and I had to take the morning after pill since the condom broke. I got my period at the middle of July 19th. I have not gone back on my birthcontrol since May 08. I have already taken like two pregnancy tests that were negative. It is now Sept and I still haven't gotten my period. What should I do? Do you think I should see the Dr.? Any info. would be helpful. Thank you.


I say the safest thing to do is to go see a doctor if possible. I don't know where you are, like if you are at a college campus or if you are in highschool, or above highschool, but some college campuses have pregnancy care centers that you can go to to get testing. The one that is near me has: Pregnancy Testing; Ultrasounds to verify pregnancy; Abortion information; Medical consultations; Post-abortion support; Innformation on STI's (sexually transmitted infections); "Guy to Guy Talk"; Friendship and Support; and referrals. That place gives it's services for free. I need to go there myself and get a test if I can. But either way, try to look up information on a place like that one. You might want to get an ultrasound and take another pregnancy test.

Just go online and try to find a pregnancy help service that you could call. But if you do call someone try to not use your phone in case your parents pay your phone bill and you don't want them to find out. I hope this helped some.