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Deciding to start an exercise program is the first step to becoming a new you, but what kind of training is the best option to see health benefits?


So you have decided that you want to start training after the new year buzz has worn off and you have fallen into old habits. But with so many different types of training available where do you start? Every month there seems to be a new crazy method to burn fat and become a healthier version of you but there are 3 main methods which people use, cardio, strength and martial arts. Martial arts combines strength and cardio work to give a whole body session which sees fast benefits particularly for beginners.

Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular (CV) training is a great method to ease yourself into a training program and it involves exercises that raises the heart rate and breathing rate. When doing CV training its important that the heart rate gets up above the resting to increase blood flow and stress the heart and lungs. This type of exercise would be brisk walking for 30-minutes or jogging on a treadmill - other versions include cycling or swimming which are also excellent CV training methods. The health benefits of such methods are:

  • Increased elasticity of the arteries - meaning lower risk of high blood pressure
  • Increased calorie burn to combat obesity
  • Healthier heart muscle to lower the risk of coronary heart disease
  • Increased hormonal control - people who train regularly have a happier life and hormone balance
  • Increased stamina and energy - completing CV exercise 3 times a week improves your energy levels

If you are a beginner make sure not to go too fast too early as this will lead to injury or cause further damage to the body. Start by gentle walking three to four times a week for between twenty to thirty minutes at a time without stopping. After two weeks of this increase the time of the walk or the speed - start jogging - but it doesn't have to be a constant speed. Try walking for 2 minutes and then jogging for 1 and repeating this cycle for the full 30 minute workout. If running is not your bag try swimming for 45 minutes or cycling, spin classes are a great way to train the cardiovascular system as they put stress on the body but this should only be done once you have a base level after a few weeks of other cardiovascular training.

Cardiovascular training seems to tick all of the boxes to get to a healthier you but be aware that there is more than just heart and lung health that needs to be improved to be healthy.
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