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So, how long must I be on Birth Control for it to start working? Assuming I begin taking it on whatever sunday after my period. Does it really only take 7 days? I am aware of STD's, so no mentioning of that, please.


You don't mention the specific manufacturer/product in question, but it sounds like you read the leaflet, so if it says seven days, it's seven days.

You can read up on how the pill works, and why, but the basics are that it's building up a level of hormone in your system to fool the body that ovulation is inappropriate; no egg, no pregnancy.

No one's going to accuse you of being foolish if you wait longer, or use a condom, but if the manufacturer's clinical trials say 7 days is enough (and remember, that probably means 3 days, with a safety factor, or some such) then 7 days is enough.

It also makes sense if you consider that the manufacturer presumably wants the hormone to be effective in the period leading up to ovulation, which is a maximum say of two weeks to peak fertility, so one week to build up for safety again seems reasonable.

So it all makes sense: whether you trust it is up to you.