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Im nearly 16 and im on the pill and had sex with no condom 6 nights, ago which was suday night , yesterday, thursday, i took my pill at an irregular time as i usually take it in the morning, and yesterday i took it straight after school, usually i'd go to my boyfriend for help but the day after he ended up finishing me, so do you know if could i be pregnant? Im really worried and i want to know the answer now please, so if anyone can help me please do so , thankyou.


It's a while since I discussed this in detail with a partner, and in any case pill-effectiveness and timing may have changed, but I certainly recall there was some leeway. If you google the specific pill you're taking, and look at the manufacturer's information on it, it should have guidance and conditions under which it will be effective.

The other thing is, that any time you have sex with a guy, protected or not, you have a chance of being pregnant. Nature wants babies, and we're trying to fool it into letting us have the fun without the risk and responsibility. Right now I get that's especially true for someone at your age, so in a sense it's doubly scary, but it doesn't change the fact that ultimately you're playing with a system that's designed to make babies, and hoping it just doesn't happen to you.

There's nothing wrong with that, but it is a lottery. What you're doing with the pill is trying to lengthen the odds, but any gambler knows and has to take into account they can lose. The good news is that for many if not most women, losing is the best thing that happens in their life, and women that re older and desperate to get pregnant wish they could 'lose' in that way.

That's not a morality play, just a reminder that you've gambled, which is your right, and you may have lost, which is nature's right.

As soon as you accept that, a lot of the fear may go away: or you may approach planning your life as an adult (which you basically now are, if you're opting to have sex at 16, since there's precious little more serious in life than raising a child) with a little more thought.

It's not to preach: my life history is full of unintended consequences: drive carefully, most people are caused by accidents.

So yes, you could be pregnant, but the sensible thing to do is to examine the pharmaceutical company's documentation, because you have been sensible in being on the pill in the first place, so you dramatically reduced the risk of pregnancy the moment you did that.

Also, the pill essentially works by introducing into your body a hormone or substance to suppress pregnancy, by suppressing ovulation, as best I recall. The significance is that the pill is basically a 'booster', a reminder to your body to keep suppressing that egg. That's why a few hours, even a day - depending on manufacturer's guidelines - may not matter, becaue as long as there is still sufficient 'residue' of the hormone from the prior pill, your body keeps getting the signals 'dont' ovulate dont ovulate'.

If in doubt, go down to a clinic and ask, but you're a long way from being high risk: 'gee, I've been having unprotected sex for two months, and i'm three weeks late, could I be pregnant?' - but not all the way down to no risk, which is not having had sex at all since your last period (basically).

Ask. Learn. Plan. You're being responsible like an adult - on the pill, you're taking adult risks - having sex, and you may yet have to deal with having a baby, which is about as adult as you can get. Welcome to the joys, fears and uncertainties of adulthood.

Sucks, doesn't it? Not always.