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To prevent a second pregnancy my ob/gyn put me on birth control pills while I was breast-feeding, but did not do a pregnancy test first.
I was not having periods because of breast-feeding, but it turned-out I was pregnant with my second child.
I was on the pill for about the first two months of the second pregnancy before it was discovered.

What are the adverse and long-term effects on the early development of the fetus?
I am researching this because my second child has profound hearing loss in her left ear ( she is deaf) and low hearing in her right ear.
She was also born with face/muscle abnormalities and only used one side of her mouth to speak from.

I am inclined to believe that these were caused by the simultaneous use of birth control pills while being pregnant; not from a genetic abnormality passed-on from myself and her father.

Any help on this issue would be helpful as she is now at the child bearing age and getting married in a few short months.

Thank you so much!
Lauren L. Bushem


Dear Lauren,

(Your openness with your name is generous, but not required: just a hint).

It is heart-warming to hear she is getting married, but like you, I would be inclined to at least investigate the possible impact of pregnancy suppression hormones during pregnany: it hardly sounds optimal, does it? If you don't have any grounds for suspecting the indiosyncracies of your daughter's body are down to genetics (history in the family), then I would heartily encourage you to continue this investigation, though I'm afraid it's likely rather beyond the skillset in this forum.

Whether you want to do an Erin Brockovich, or simply be reassured that your daughter won't be passing on the same issues, it would put your mind at rest as to cause, if not effect, if you got an answer.

Getting an answer, however, may not be easy - not because of malice necessarily, simply because it's a complex (bio)chemical issue.

First stop should be the manufacturer's websites for the products involved.

Second, any articles in medical journals, scientific american, etc mentioning those products in conjunction (together).

How far you take it is up to you, and even if it were genetic, your daughter has coped with it, and whether she chooses to pursue having children, that ultimately will be a factor. If you can find that information, so much the better.

Take care,