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Ever wonder how the stars do it? Here are 4 top celebrity workouts that real celebrities actually use, and swear by.
Some of our favorite celebrities just seem to have it all. Money, fame, and fantastic bodies. Would you be happy looking into the mirror and loving what you see? A lot of the confidence that celebrities have comes from this very moment, when they have a look at themselves first thing in the morning. Its undeniable, being happy with the physical self leads to confidence and confidence leads to success. Here are 4 different celebs with 4 very different workout styles, all which yield fantastic results.

Each session starts with a 10 minute cardio warmup, 4 minutes jogging, 6 minutes running.
The remainder of the workout is a series of simple weight-training circuits.

Circuit 1:

3 sets of 20 reps: Lateral shoulder raises, Reverse flys, Alternating forward lunges with bicep curls
Cardio Intervals: on the treadmill- 5 minutes of 30 second sprints/ 30 seconds jogging

Circuit 2:

3 sets of 30 reps: Chest press, Squats with shoulder presses, Tricep dips
Cardio Intervals: on the treadmill- 5 minutes of 30 second sprints/ 30 seconds jogging

Circuit 3:

Core workout: 1 set of 20 reps each: Bicycle crunches, Reverse crunches, Plank hold x 30 seconds

Mark Wahlberg- Simple is Better

Mark Wahlberg has a famously fantastic body which he has proudly carried for over 20 years. Starting with Calvin Klein, this former NKOTB member proves that pumping iron everyday for just 30 minutes helps to maintain his fantastic physique. Mark also eats very well, and believes that this is a huge part of keeping his body strong and tight. Here are a few key pointers to take from Mark Wahlberg's regime:

  • He never does cardio- he has stated many times that he hates it and avoids it
  • He never eats carbs after 6pm because he knows he doesn't need the extra energy
  • Mark strictly uses weight training, and performs the basic compound movements
  • He likes to keep his routine at about 30 minutes, and works out 5 to 6 times per week
  • He prefers high intensity, which means just a few exercises, heavy weights, few reps and several sets
  • Mark never does ab specific exercises because he knows that is not what maintains a 6 pack (a good diet does this)

Mark Wahlberg keeps it simple, consistent and specific to what works for him. This is a great example of how consistent, simple work-out ethic pays off in the long run.

A Fergalicious Body...

Fergie, of the band the Black Eyed Peas, has to keep in fantastic shape for all that dancing and hopping around on stage she does. Fergie is pushing 37 and looks great. Not only does she have to look good, she has to remain in good health and in top physical shape to keep up with touring, and her hip hop moves. Fergies takes good care of herself with really good nutrition. She follows a healthy diet, low in carbs, and moderate in fat and protein.

  • She always eats 6 times per day, 2 of which are healthy snacks of veggies with a little protein.
  • Fergie spends 6 of her mornings per week getting up super early and starting with a 2 hour workout.
  • Begging with 45 minutes of cardio on the treadmill with a high incline.
  • The remainder of her long workouts are intervals of cardio and high intensity strength training.

She varies up her workouts, but focuses on the whole body each session. While this is not recommended for beginners looking to burn fat, it works for Fergie. Her job is physical and demands a lot of her whole body and heart. Just like athletes, performers who sing and dance have to be in great cardiovascular and muscular shape to be able to keep up.