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Science confirms that root canals fill the mouth with toxic chemicals and increase risk of disease, most commonly breast cancer.

Independent researcher and cancer expert Bill Henderson claims that the most common cancer cause is root canal-filled teeth and according to him, until a patient gets rid of all the bad teeth and cavitations, it's impossible for them to get better.

A study published by the American Academy of Periodontology showed that as soon as a person get the root canal, their mouth become a river of bacteria that start flowing to the bloodstream. The study was conducted on blood samples of 26 subjects with root canals, and the canal area as well as their blood samples contained the same bacteria.

It's essential that every cancer patient visits a biological dentist. Dentists have even found which teeth are characteristic for the breast cancer patients, and those are premolar teeth, and upper fourth and fifth teeth on both sides. A German based dentist who is also a physician — Dr. Kubitzek — confirmed this by testing teeth of many cancer patients. He stated that it's scary how conventional dentists don't look for these things at all. Also, the conventional oncologists (doctors who study tumors and cancers) don't pay any attention to dentistry. This happens because universities often tend to focus on just one type of education. They teach dentistry students to fill the roots perfectly, to be great in aesthetics, and fail to teach them about general medicine.

It has been proven that no therapy against cancer starts working until a patient cleans up the mouth.

Dangerous Chemicals Used In Dentistry

Millions of people around the world have dental amalgam in their mouths. Mercury has been in use in dental amalgams for almost two hundred years. Some physicians and dentist are against it from the very beginning. Dental amalgam when placed in a tooth releases part of the mercury into its environment. Many studies and also autopsies have shown increased levels of mercury in the bodies of people with amalgam fillings.

A Hahn study on sheep and monkeys conducted in 1989 and 1990 best showed distribution of mercury from the infamous fillings to the whole body. Pregnant sheep was given amalgam fillings labeled as radioactive mercury. After thirty days, the animal was sacrificed. Researchers found radioactive mercury in its jawbones, liver, digestive tract and kidneys, and all other tissues received certain amount of exposure, including the fetus.

Why are we saving dying teeth?

Teeth contain large number of tiny holes filled with fluid called tubules, which exist in every tooth, without exception. When a tooth becomes so rotten that it can't be fixed with regular crown or non-toxic fillings, it should be removed from the mouth.

Saving half dead tooth is like saving a toe infected with sepsis by pouring bleach on it. This is not a joke, sodium hypochlorite (bleach) has been in use for root canal irrigation for a long time. There's a reason why your body is rejecting a tooth — because it's dead —you can't try reviving it by pouring toxic chemicals on it without consequences. This is extremely dangerous practice and dentists all over the world are ignoring the dangers.

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