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Hi guys I'm Ellie, I am really fat and I want to loose weight badly ! I have tried everything, exercising, playing on the kinect on just dance 4 for up to 3 hours, and eat less but nothing is working! I never wear bikinis, and I avoid going swimming. In school in p.e I wore a bra (no shame) and then I looked really fat and I heard the girls behind me saying "haha look at her she is so fat!" I'm the fattest girl in my year (year 7) and everyone in my class are skinny but I'm not. Please help me! 


Sounds like your doing the right thing staying active and getting exercise, also make sure you eat healthy, avoid DIET foods as they're usually full of chemicals that are worse for you than eating more natural higher fat foods.

Avoid margarine and processed foods. Natural is usually best.  Not sure what your typical diet is like but maybe get your parents to make more veggies, and don't have too much meat, if you do have meat avoid processed meats and stick to fish or chicken.

You might be a bit young for coffee, but I found coffee helps with weight loss if you like it and your parents don't mind maybe have it occasionally. Green tea, grapefruit and other citrus fruit is good as well.

You also might be a bit young for working out, but using light weights and building some muscle helps speed up your metabolism and helps burn fat.