i had sex like two weeks ago and the condom broke. so i took yaz, and i have never taken any birth control before. i took only two, the next afternoon and that night. when i had sex i was on my period. about 4 days after i took yaz i bleed for a few days. now its the second week and i have been irritated down there and i had a bladder infection (i think) yesturday but it stoped hurting so i thought it passed. but now today i feel like i have to pee all the time but when i go theres only a drop of pee to none. but when i do it stings! and a small drop of blood is there. this has never happend and im scared.
in the past two weeks i have gone through alot so i just want a straight answer. im 15 and my parents dont know about anything, and they dont know that i have had sex. i know this sounds bad but im really a good kid. need help!