Had IUD removed 10/31 and I had no bleeding until 11/3. I did have un protected sex with my husband twice that weekend. On Monday the 3rd started bleeding and it has continued for going on 7 days. I have not had but just 2 very very small clots and the bleeding for the most part been bright red. There is a few times I don't even need to wear anything. Sometimes the blood on the tampoon is very minimal with some brownish blood like it is going to stop but the the next time I go to the bathroom it is bright again. Called nurse on day 4 of bleeding and she think it is my normal period and not with drawal from IUD since I had spotted for 2 straight weeks before removal. I had had my IUD for almost 5.5 years and it was due to be removed at 5. And she thinks there was no hormones left is why I spotted like that before the removal. My husband and I aren't actively TTC but what ever happens happens so I am not on BC. Any help????