Hello All,
I got a Mirena IUD inserted in November of 2005, two months after giving birth. I loved the IUD up until I recently started to do some research. In October of 2007 my period completely stopped, by christmas of 2007 I had gained 20lbs. I had been working out regularly and watching my diet. I had noticed the weight gain and was working out even harder....Still no weight loss... I started to feel like a different person, all together. By March of '08 I had gained 35lbs. I went to my Dr and explained my symptoms, she put me on antidepressants.....I was not depressed, but the meds made my life terrible and it took months to get off of them....Anyways after an almost 100lb weight gain and having no period since 2007, I had my IUD removed on 15 Jan 2010. I'm not blaming the weight gain just on the IUD, but I do believe it was the start of the problem....I have had other symptoms as well, but never realized them until looking back. I regret not getting it removed back in 2008...I should have listened to myself instead of my Dr, who just blew me off and put me on un-needed meds.

I went to Planned Parenthood to have my IUD removed and the provider that removed it, said I was not the first with these symptoms..She was amazing and listened....She told me that the IUD fools your body into thinking it's pregnant...your period stops and your body stores fat for the pregnancy....Not having a period for so long really messed me up.

So I have had it out for 11 days and I feel better. The bloating has went down and my jeans actually are to big for me...My stomach does not seem as large. No more breast tenderness...I had breast tenderness like I had during pregnancy with the IUD.....My skin looks better. The provider did say that it would be six weeks before I had a normal period. I did start bleeding a couple days later and have continued the bleeding about everyother day since the removal. I do have cramping but nothing major, not like WITH the IUD..I beleive the bleeding is the shedding of the lining from not having a period for so long.

I will never get another IUD....I dont think inserting a foreign object in our bodies for 5-10 yrs is a good idea....I know that every women is different and bodies will react differently.

I'm hoping to get my life and my body back....My husband divorced me due to the weight gain and the effect it had on our relationship...

Thanks for listening and hopefully this has helped someone out!! :-)