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had sex it was unprotected... on a wednesday around 4 or 5 and he popped my "cherry" so i did bleed but i was still bleeding that night and a little bit the next day and i didnt know what to do so i wiped it all out with a baby wipe.

then i did it again on friday this time he had a condom and i bled alot all over the bed it soaked through my sheets into my mattress

but then i bled a little on sunday but none on sunday

and now its monday and im utterly confused
might i be pregnant?
how do i treat this..
i dont know what to do!!??


You aren't pregnant if you're bleeding.

Did you go through sex ed in school? When you get pregnant, you stop menstruating. You're bleeding because when you lost your virginity, your hymen was broken. Your hymen is a lose flap of skin at the vaginal opening, and when you have sex for the first time, you break it. Therefore, you bleed.

Bleeding is normal, it's okay. Just relax and don't put anything up there... let yourself heal or your going to have problems later.