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My tongue bleeds every night and when I wake up my mouth is caked in blood. I dont smoke and I drink in moderation and eat normal food. No extraspicy stuff. I feel anaemic now as I am breathless in bed.
I have started eating ferrous sulphate tablets twice daily to take care of the anaemia/ iron loss and feel a trifle better.
God knows whats the matter. I do not have sharp teeth. I do have insomnia since 2 months and the tongue bleeding started since last 1 month.
Reply only if you have a good idea. No wisecracks or stupid suggestions or else remember God is watching you.


In looking into a similar situation on someone elses behalf I came across your question. That appears to have never been answered. 

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A fellow there explains that it is likely due to mouth breathing at night in dry conditions. But if it's consistent you'd want to get it checked out professionally. 

I don't believe any Gods will be concerned about this answer. I'm not sure which one to worry about either though with how many versions of Gods are out there. So I'll go ahead and not be paranoid about any eye in the sky.

Hope your tongue and sleep have improved over the past year.




HI Jon, I have the same problem, consisting of very dry nose and mouth when I wake, a runny nose after 20 minutes of being awake, the taste of blood in my mouth and sticky lips, apparently is because I breath though my Mouth while sleeping " not sure if you do the same". Some of the comments I have read suggest nasal irrigation, having a humidifier in the bedroom and raising the lying portion slightly so that I'm not lying completely flat. It would seem, central heating can aggravate the condition too. I tried the nasil irrigation method and a six months course of table as prescribed by my local hospital but they did nothing and the nasil wash caused headaches. I did find a product in Boots called "Neil Med, Naso Gel" which works well. It's doesn't cure the problem but my mouth and nose are less dry in the morning. As for the humidifier! I am going too purchase one today to see if it helps. Hope, this helps.

Fellow suffer