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everyday I have been having swelling under my tongue at the bottom of my mouth, its those two long things under the tongue and it seems to go down by night. I cant stick my tongue out even cause it is to swollen and also on the right side there is a lump on it. I also get a dry mouth over night and have to swallow very hard to get saliva back in my mouth and it is just a little painful to swallow.


Hello. Swelling under your tongue could indicate that you may have problem with your salivary gland under the tongue, so called sublingual salivary gland. It could swelling due to bacterial or viral infection that cause the difficulty in saliva flow. Also, it could be condition called mucocele, which is harmless cyst that may appear not only under the tongue but also on gums, palate or inner lips. But since you mentioned that you have pain when swallowing (eating), it's probably blocked salivary duct due to salivary duct stone or sialolithiasis. This condition occurs when calcium concretions form within the duct or salivary gland. These stones may partially or completely block the salivary flow from these glands and this usually causes pain and swelling in the affected gland. This pain occurs especially when eating and swallowing because saliva flow is most stimulated at this time.
Having salivary gland stones also mean that you may suffer from xerostomia or dry mouth due to diminished saliva, so that would probably be your diagnose.
Keep in mind that salivary stones are just uncomfortable but not dangerous, so it's up to you to decide whether you want surgery or not.