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hi- I am 20 and Last year i noticed after i would wake up in the morning the tip of my tongue would have teeth impressions as if i was biting down really hard during the night.

Over the past few months I can not stop worrying about my tongue and why it feels overly sized for my mouth to fit in between my top and bottom jaw. I know it seems rather odd to worry about it, but it is annoying.

3 months ago I had cavaties filled and there seems to be pressure on my teeth when i bite down to fall asleep as if the fillings were not shaved down correctly. From biting down when I sleep and the pressure, my tongue seems to get in the way and now instead of the tip of my tongue; the sides of the tongue are getting teeth impressions too.

My tongue hurts in the morning because of this and i try my hardest to train my tongue to just not LAY on top of my teeth and to NOT bite down on it...but it just does not work.

I have participated in oral sex and I wonder if maybe I have an Std infection of the tongue that is making it swell OR, my wisdom teeth are coming in and maybe they are pushing against my teeth and making it harder for my tongue to rest normally in my mouth, OR maybe I just have cancer cause Im a hypochondriac like that...

Pretty much my mouth just hurts and I hate the way my tongue looks.

Any advice on why im biting down all of a sudden before i go running to like 10 million different kinds of doctors?


Not a million different doctors! Start with a regular ear/nose and throat doctor and see what he says after he exams the area.


In cases like yours, I would always suggest you to go see your doctor straight away as the problem you have might later turn into some greater problems so why not taking care of it on time.
Beside the swollen tongue, do you have any other unusual symptoms? Has your tongue changed its colour, is it sore and does it makes difficulties when you speak, chew or swallow?
If you happen to have some of these symptoms, then you might have the inflammation of your tongue called glossitis. It can be caused by bacterial infections, allergic reaction to tootpaste and also by rough edges of dental appliances which you mentioned in your post.
Glossitis is treated by corticosteroids such as prednisone, to reduce the inflammation. The regular and thorough oral hygiene is necessary, as well.
Is glossitis present in your family history? It can also be inherited.
There are the other, more serious causes of tongue swelling and you make sure to discuss them with a professional.


It's Bruxism. It's stress related. I do it too. I bite down on my tongue at night. what you have to do is out something between your top row of teeth and your bottom row of teeth like gum or gauze and put some orthodontic wax between the gaps in your teeth. Also try to get plenty exercise or something to release stress. hope this helps.
Ive been to an orthodontist and i now have braces hopefully that helps. but I told her about the tongue thing and she said "you have to stop doing that" which I already know.