Hey guys, Im on day 3 post op.
And im 19. I feel like im dying too.
I feel better today then I have so far - but the doctor told me it will get better before it gets worse then better for good.

A great trick ive discovered with crushing pain meds - crush them on a spoon and pour honey on the spoon, and take them with honey. It feels so wonderfully smooth on the throat, for those breif milliseconds you will feel so blissful.

I think its hilarious that were all in pain, and feeling the exact same thing while we all type this to help eachother out. My UVULA is huge, and the sides of it are white. The sound of everything I hear is radiated like 40 times, when my mom blends ice for me I have to leave the room cause its so loud.

Waking up is absolutely the worst part. I have a humidifier in my room but I don't feel it working. You wake up - and every thing is dry, lips, tongue, cheeks, and of course throat. That first swallow starts me crying every time.

I ate a bowl of baby pablem last night, the box kind where you just add hot water too it. It went down smoother then anything else has! It was warm and full of nutrition so id recommend giving that a shot.

My heart rate is still really high, I left the hospital with it at 115 and Im sure its still up there. I had a bath today also, and the warmth around my throat was soothing too.

The worst part im feeling is the "post nasal drip" that has been stuck in my nose since the surgery. Its to far back to blow out, and too high up to swallow. It stops my breathing at night, and makes me want to cut my nose off. UGHH. The taste in my mouth is just foul too. The scabs must be hardcore cause the taste and smell in my nose makes me want to vommit. Im happy I cant talk to people because Im sure theyd pass out to the smell of me. haha.

It will never end, I swear. Im very thankful for the computer because I cant talk at all, and having a computer and facebook to talk with is really emotionally satisfying!

Good luck to you all, and thanks for all the tips. Hope some of mine help too. Hang in there!