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has been a tad swollen and sore/tender. I orginally thought it might be due to the fact that sometimes I suck my tongue while sleeping, but there is no teeth indent line of the side of my tongue to indicat this.

So than I thought, well it could be a kanker-sore. So I satrted gurgling salt-water for the past 3 days and I thought it was working so when I gurgled some tonight I was very surprised that half my tongue swelled more and it hurt 5/10 on my pain tolerance scale ( i have a higher pain tolerance too). It even got a little stiff. So since it seemed to be esculating in pain in a small amount of time I gurgled some mouthwash (which says it take care of bacteria) and the pain is greatly reduced, though im uncomfortable now, not in pain, so yay? The swelling is still there but Im thinking if an ear infection might have something to do with this? My right ear is a bit irrated and is making clicky noises when i move my jaw....but i dont know? Could my ear irratation cause a flare up in my tongue? It kind of feels like a long stretch and I dont think salt water shold have flared it that much. The area that hurts me teh most is right under the tongue and the side of it, near the tonsil area and the bottome of the mouth?

I have checked it and it doesnt seem to be abnormal except for it being swollen and tender (and now a bit stiff from the salt water). I am getting my wisdom teeth in, but the on the left side of my mouth.

I have not had any sexual relationships/experiences with anyone so we can rule out STI's or STD;s

The week before I had a drippy nose and a sneeze going on, sometimes I would lose my voice but I think its for seasonal reasons (cold outside, dry air inside) cause i wasnt feeling sick. I have been more stressed out due to work and sleeping less. But i have been eating healthy and well and I workout 3-5 times a week.


Hello Katie,

Since your are getting your wisdom teeth in this can cause inflammation throughout your mouth.  You may have a bit of pain associated with this but that's normal.  As the tooth breaks through the skin it is possible to get a bit of infection and inflammation.  Using salt water is a good thing to shrink down swollen membranes.  Just be patients and allow tjhis to happen.  So often we are used to instand graditification and we have to realize that things take time to heal and set themselves stragitht.  I had a wisdom tooth come in in my fifties after I had a really bad flu.  This made me feel like the whole left side had been ripped out of my mouth.  But there was nothing wrong.  I just had to wait for the event to complete itself.  Be patient and let things happen.