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I had been celibate for 8 years until last evening (September 30). During intercourse there was a little bit of pressure but it wasn't unbearable pain. After changing positions (went from me being on top to doggy style) I noticed blood and asked my partner to stop. He stopped and we noticed blood on my pillows, night gown, his body (on the condom) and on my legs. He is well endowed but it was not rough safe - very enjoyable until the point where I saw blood. I would also like to add that my menstrual cycle ended on Sunday (September 28). We cleaned up and I put on a maxi pad. It's like my cycle has started again. I've had clean bills of health for the last 8 years (pap smears, blood tests, etc.). Is this normal for a first sexual encounter after 8 years of celibacy or is there something wrong with me? I feel slight cramps on my left side. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.


I would say there is nothing wrong with you perse, but being that he's well endowed doesn't shock me either, my guy is the same and I'm wondering where this bleeding is coming from?

Ok he has a high sex drive and we were doing it about almost 2 weeks ago and I was hurting inside big time. It got better and I figured being longer in length and hornier could this be what happened to me.

I didn't have blood all over me and him and that's probably a good indiction to seek medical help incase of something else.

I found this at another website, this should help explain whatever you are seeking.

Lately I have started bleeding after having intercourse, I had an infection a few weeks ago and now the lining of my vagina seems very thin and it hurts to have sex and then I bleed. I am 39 years of age and I have had two children. They are aged 18 and 20.

Bleeding after intercourse (post coital bleeding) usually means either the skin lining the cervix or vagina is thin or inflamed, or there is an anatomical lesion on the cervix such as a polyp or a precancerous or cancerous lesion. A normal Pap and pelvic exam within the last year makes cancer highly unlikely, but precancerous lesions (abnormal pap smears, dysplasia) are possible so a physician's visit is indicated with any post coital bleeding.

At the time of a visit, in addition to a PAP smear, the physician should be able to tell if there is an anatomical lesion causing the bleeding or if the vagina is thin due to low estrogens and just gets irritated with intercourse. The thinness of the vaginal skin and pain with sex indicate the lining of the vagina may be the likely problem. It sounds as if there are low estrogens such as may be seen in menopause or with the absence of ovulation due to other non menopausal causes.

A history of infection may be related or an independent event. If the vagina skin (epithelium) is thin and atrophic, the infection can be a bacterial vaginitis known as atrophic vaginitis. Infections can be other etiologies however, so more information about that would be helpful.

Age 39 is quite young for menopause so the recent menstrual history would help too. Many things such as medications, diseases, stress etc., can suppress ovulation which in turn causes low estrogens, which in turn causes atrophic vaginitis, which in turn causes painful sexual relations and sometimes bleeding after sexual relations.

The physician may order a serum follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) to rule out menopause and possibly a thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and serum prolactin to investigate the possibility of a central nervous system cause of the blocked ovulation.

In summary, the problem you describe may not just be a simple infection problem. It can be a symptom of other bodily changes that bear investigating. You shouldn't have to fear having sex!


Same situation for years. I was quite embarrassed.