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Hello. I'm 28 year old female and I have developed some strange condition I want to discuss with you.
Two week ago my menstrual bleeding late for about eight days and my boyfriend and I got really scared because we suspected on possible pregnancy.
So, my next move was contacting my gynecologist. After he examined me he said that I wasn’t pregnant and I was thrilled when I heard that news.
But, during this pregnancy test he found something else to be possible cause of irregular menstruation-some condition called cervical lesion and marked he named it SIL.
Judging by the look on his face, I would say it is some serious disease and I was wondering what is it?


I was diagnosed with condition cervical lesion two years ago so I have some informations to share with you.
Every irregularity of your cervix cells like some epithelial disorganization and nuclear atypiais is called cervical lesion.
The term SIL means that the abnormal cells are present only in the surface layer of the cervix and have not spread into deeper layers.
So, cervical lesion can be caused by many things such as some usual ulcerations, but also with tumor.
When a cervical lesion is found, it is most likely caused by the genital wart virus HPV that will lead to cervix abnormalities.
You were right about one thing, the abnormal Pap test may mean various minor or serious precancerous conditions. One of them is LGSIL, also called mild dysplasia or cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN 1). This is precancerous condition and it requires immediate and adequate acting.
Early detection with a routine Pap smear test enables the treatment to be very effective.