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Hello, so I had sex with my boyfriend and it wasn't my first time having sex. So after we had an intercourse, i found myself slightly bleeding and this is the first time it has ever happened and we do have a very active relationship. I am freaking out. Up to now, I'm still bleeding. And just to let you know when I had sex for the first time my hymen did not break so I didn't "pop my cherry". What is happening?!


This can be caused by a number of things:

1) You could be too dry (not enough vaginal secretions) and the friction of intercourse could be causing you to bleed.

2) You could have only partially torn your hymen (the piece of skin that tears when you lose your virginity causing the first time to hurt). Some girls only partially tear it the first time and it gets completely torn sometime after that.

3) You could have an inflamed cervix that can be caused by an infection. The truth of the matter is you're sexually active and you need to be seeing some sort of gynecologist for pap smears, check ups and BIRTH CONTROL. You may also google *************SPAM**************** to check out the website, it provides online service for free, you could consult the online doctors.