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hi there,                                                                                                                                                  my mother in law suffering from bone metastesis.she started chemo therapy.but recently her leg bone fractured.orthopedic surgeon said that bone surgeory is impossible for her there is nothing to do and suggest to go home.but another orthopedic says surgeory is possible.she will able to walk soon.but she will not survive long with stage 4 bone metastesis.after surgeory she will start again chemo therapy.we confused .is it right decession for that bone surgeory harmful? please help.


Hi Payel,

The surgery wouldn't be harmful just probably not beneficial.

Her lung cancer has spread.  The bone will likely not heal strong enough for her to put weight on it.  Additional fractures are possible.

Without knowing all the specifics of the case we can't say if it is the "right decision" or not.  Get still another opinion.

Best of luck to you both.