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I was diagnosed with stage 1C lung cancer 2 years ago and I was as lucky as you could be when diagnosed with this horrible disease – they managed to completely remove the tumor and my upper right lung lobe. I did have a round of chemo after that, but ever since then, I was cancer free. About two weeks ago I had to see my primary doctor for what turned out to be bronchitis and I’m currently on antibiotics to treat it, but few days after the visit, I noticed that lymph node on my left side of the neck is a little swollen. I’m extremely worried because of my cancer history, but when I called up the oncologist office for a checkup, the nurse told me that I should continue with the antibiotics and that there is a good chance that the infection is causing this. Could this be the case?



there is no option but to be cautious - you've been cancer free up to this point, and it's best to do what's necessary to keep things that way. But, it also might be very possible that you're having a neck lymph node swell because you have an infection. They also can swell if you have any dental or jaw bone issues, like root canal that might be infected. Generally, if the swelling is caused by an infection, it will come down noticeably the closer you get to the end of your antibiotics course. When you feel up the node, do you feel you can move it freely? Is the node painful?

Wish you all the best, Nicole