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My ex wife was diagnosed with breast cancer three months ago and at the point she was diagnosed the cancer had already spread to her lymph nodes. The tumor is about 3 cm in size, and the affected lymph nodes are only under her arm. Her oncologist recommended she has mastectomy and radiation with chemo after the surgery. We have two kids together (age 8 and 12) with shared custody and this horrible thing has us all terrified about what will future hold for us. Her surgery is scheduled next week, with radiation and chemo for the following few months. I know that tumor will be removed completely, but since the cancer has already spread, I’m worried that it will continue to do that even after all the treatments. Because it was diagnosed at this stage, could anyone tell me realistically what the chances for it to come back are?


Hello, Guest.  So has your ex-wife been diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer?  Depending on the stage will determine what her chances are to survive.  If it is Stage 4, there is a 22% chance of surviving.  Stage 2 is much higher which reaching a 5-year chance of survival, at 93%.  Your ex-wife caught it in time to have a much greater chance to fight it and live.  With family support, she will do just fine in getting through this ordeal. 

Are there others who have had Stage 2 breast cancer and made it beyond your 5-year survival?  Share your experience.