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Hello. So I recently have been worried about if my girlfriend could possibly be pregnant or not. We recently have taken the next step in our relationship and have begun doing things like fingering and handjobs. We both are virgins and she has never done oral sex for me ( i have for her). We are both 21 years old and still in college.

When playing with each other we always take the necessary precautions. After i cum we both usually wash our hands if we get any on ourselves. However sometimes she has said none got on her fingers and did not wash her hands on those occasions. Later she would often finger herself at times and i was wondering if it was at all possible if she could have gotten pregnant that way? Also even though i always washed my hands after i finished could there have been remains that stayed on my fingers?

Recently she has complained that her breasts have been very sore and tender to the touch. Soon after she seemed very tired and lacking of energy. This has been happening within the last 2 weeks. I am scared (havent talked to her about it yet) that she may be pregnant. She is to have her period in about 2 weeks or so so im not sure if the breast pains are a result of that and the fatigue could be a result of her stress and schoolwork load so im unsure of that as well. Should i wait until she actually has her period before i mention anything? Last thing i need to do is stress her out more (Shes graduating as a nurse in 3 months) with an issue that may not even be there. Help!


Your girlfriend can take a home pregnancy test to find out for sure. My guess is, she probably is not pregnant.