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it happened about two weeks ago where we were having sex and as i was pre- ejaculating, I told her to get off me. I was wearing a condom and to be sure, we checked the tip of the condom to check if there was sperm on it. It was wet but not sticky. Does this mean she could be pregnant because she has not had here period for 2 months already to this day (so she was already overdue by 2 weeks before we had sex). I am 15 and my girlfriend is 18. She keeps scaring me. Can someone please give me advice what I can do or what the possabilities are?
Thank you :(


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hey scared. i dont think your gf is pregnate. the end of the condom was wet due to her vaginal secreations not your precum.  to figure out the chances of your precum/pre ejaculate having sperm cell isnit how long before you had sex did you ejaculate? did yo uurinate after ejaculating and before sex? are you circumsized and did you wash off your penis before having sex?


thanks knowing this will help