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Hi my boyfriend and I are pretty intimate. But he is another one of those guys who hates condoms. So I am on the pill and have been for a while. But lately my nipples hurt extremely bad, and I have gained 10 lbs. These are some symptoms of pregnancy but its not like I have morning sickness or cravings for pickles or anything. But does this pain just mean that I could be gettting my period or that I am pregnant? If I were to to take a HPT when should I be taking it? Please help me.


Hi Rugby Chik: Nipple pain and weight gain usually happen when estrogen levels rise! Either before you ovulate, before your period and when you become pregnant! I don't think you are pregant, if you have been on the pill for awhile, you should be OK! To put your mind at rest, the closer you take a HPT test to your period date the better. this is when your HCG levels get higher and higher. I really don't think you are though!

NOW for your boyfriend!!!! I have a couple of words to say about that - TOUGH, TOUGH, TOUGH!!! Ask him if he would rather have a baby for 18 years, or an STD for the rest of his life. OR just slip on a condom!!!? This is YOUR body hun! YOU are in control everyday of what goes IN your body right? Eg. Food, drink, pills etc. So it is totally your right to choose another thing that goes IN YOUR BODY!!! :D Because if you aren't in control of that particular situation. THEN you could be taking your future AND your life for granted!!! So just let him know that, OR shock him and say you think your pregnant, then see him run to the pharmacy for a FAMILY pack size of condoms!!!! :lol: So like I stated, just wait till you are supposed to have your next period then take the test. Good luck hun!