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Okay, so i just started taking birth control for the first time and after seven days of being on the pill my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex in which he came inside me. I also started taking birth control the following Sunday that my period stared. Is birth control truly effective after 7 days and what are my chances of possibly getting pregnant? 
Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks!



birth control has to be atleast two to three months in your system to be on the safe side and not fall pregnant. when i got married i went to the obgyn to get a presription for birth control, and told him i would be gettting married in two weeks time. he told me that i had to start the pill two to three months prior in order for the pill to be extremely effective. for  as long as i have been married condoms has always been used. eventhough i am on the pill for almost a year and six months. birth control in my case was also used to regulate my period as it was extremely irregular making my chances to fall pregnant great. it also depends if your on a mild birth control or if you have regular periods..

thats just my take hope it helps

rather just be safe and use condoms from now till after two months or when you feel the need to stop using them. remember to also take your pill regularly at the same time everyday thay also allows for its effectiveness to work

take care:-)