I have had a breast biopsy that confirmed atypical cells (LCIS was what one lab suggested) and my twin sister also had the same at the same time. Our mother had bilateral mastectomies due to breast cancer. I also had a complete hystorectomy within about 1 month of the biopsy results. I was put on evista to help the breast cells to not absorb estrogen that my body produced in very, very small quanities in one of my organs, so I was told. No doctor ever mentioned the facts about the female fat cells enlarging and producing more estrogen during peri and menopausal times. I had side effects from the evista so discontinued after 1 1/2 years. Again, no mention that I might be increasing the absorption of estrogen in the breast cells due to the increased "middle age spread" that happens with menapause weight gain. Now I am worried about the increased risk of the breast tissue absorbing the estrogen and turining into cancer. Why is this information not made know to all women as they enter into this area of life????? It might have made me stay with the evista or maybe another of that type of treatment, regardless of the side effects.
Please let me know if there is any others that have similiar history and what was recommended to them.