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I am 46 and had a hetrectomy when I was 25 I have one overt and tube left and have never been on hormones I would like to know if mood swings and iratation and sore breast are a sigh of menapause, Ihave a mamagram every year so that is fine and I take synthroid 100 for my thyroid so this is all in check I can't seem to find anyone or articale to tell if I might be going through the change I also have swelling sometimes and a Dishcharge and yes I see the gyn every year.


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The mood swings, irritation sore breasts are all typical signs of menopause. You have nothing to worry about (thinking it’s something else). These symptoms are annoying enough without having to think on other aspects of your body.
Having these symptoms and your periods could indicate that you are approaching menopause and are currently in perimenopause meaning that the hormonal levels are fluctuating and that lack of estrogen is kicking in and causing these negative effects.

Many women refuse taking hormones due to their link to cervical and ovarian cancer and turn to herbs trying to alleviate their symptoms. Some succeed, some don’t.

The swelling and the discharge could be due to yeast infections, and you should have it checked when they occur.

In case you find your symptoms too annoying and if the mood swings or/and depression are strong, I would suggest you tried acupuncture.


Natural midlife changes have begun when your periods become irregular. Peri-menopause refers to the time leading up to menopause when the cycle length and menstrual flow can vary significantly.