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If you have always wanted to contribute to your community but didn’t know how, here is your chance!!!! is setting up a Breast Cancer Prevention Initiative campaign to help with educating and raising awareness about the importance of regular breast cancer testing and early diagnosis and its impact on the breast cancer survival rates.

How many great people as well as our loved ones have we lost due to this disease? If you could contribute to lowering these figures, or save at least one life, how would that make you feel? Great, right?

Become a volunteer and save lives! It won’t take much of your time but you could get your word travel far! Join NOW by clicking on the following link! Breast Cancer Prevention Initiative


my husband, doug, had breast cancer in 2001. it came as quite a shock to our family. upon going to several surgeons for opinions, we were met with much fear based haste to make decisions. one of the options presented to my husband was to remove his testicles. that wasnt an option on our priority list, and in, fact, even a biopsy was refused by my husband as there is a theory that once the cancer cluster is punctured, wayward cancer cells can travel thoughout the body.

we did a lot of reading and computer research to find answers. one of the best resource books we read was susun weed's book. BREAST CANCER? BREAST HEALTH. in susun's book she offers us an informative description of a anti-cancer lifestyle, what it is to be
diagnosed with cancer, explanations of diagnostic procedures, in home treatments as well as treatments offered by the medical
establishment. She outlined 6 steps of healing which empowers the person with cancer to take the course of healing into their own

here is a link to her site if anyone would like to visit:
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during this time, we visited a surgeon who specialized in women's health in the southern part of our state. she monitored its size and growth by ultrasound. doug gave himself one year to treat the tumour on his own. at the end of the year, doug finally chose to get the small in situ tumour taken from his breast. he has been cancer free since.

alot of his well-being during that time with cancer he attributes to susun weed's book.