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79 years-old Ray Wiseman was diagnosed with bladder cancer back in 2003 and his doctors' expectations of survival were not high. Five years after, his malignant tumor has stopped growing and he says it's all because of broccoli.

Mrs. Wiseman has been preparing a glass of broccoli juice every day since his diagnosis to her husband after a friend told her about the healing powers of this and other green vegetables. She combined broccoli with some apples and carrots in order to improve the taste and Mr. Wiseman drank it every day.

His recent scans showed that his cancer has stopped growing and they attribute it to the glass of broccoli juice. 'We believe my husband's incredible luck is down to broccoli. I hope our experience can help other cancer sufferers,’ Mrs. Wiseman said.

Health experts will probe his case to check if the much-maligned vegetable could help others in their fight against cancer. They asked the wife for the recipe to further explore the vegetable's benefits.

Recent medical researches have previously highlighted the possible cancer-beating powers of broccoli. It has been showed that men who ate one daily portion of broccoli had altered patterns of gene activity in their prostates, suggesting that the chemicals in the vegetable might be able to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

They also found that natural chemicals from certain vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage enhance DNA repair in cells, which helps stop them from becoming cancerous.

Cancer Research UK announced that there's a lot of research going on and focusing on broccoli and the healing properties that the vegetable contains.


I know that this is last years post, but it was very interesting to me. I've heard this also, that green vegetables help this way. I'm wondering how is research going now? I'm not sure that you are still posting here, but if you see this and have some information, it would be nice to share. But if anybody else knows anything please let us know too.
Thank you.