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Spinach plants grow anywhere, either overseas or tropical countries like Indonesia temperature was found. Spinach is the scientific name is Amaranthus, a widely consumed vegetable plant leaves.



Fresh green leaves make this vegetable is good for health. Green substance found in spinach leaves can be used for a variety of mixed foods. Such as natural dyes for juice, vegetable nuggets, drinks and much more.

This vegetable is also known by the type of vegetables that contain iron are essential elements for our bodies. Not only is it taking it also reduces the impact of anemia or anemia.

The use of spinach for life

Spinach is a vegetable that is often encountered anywhere, be it a refined home to a restaurant or a restaurant though. With such great benefits generated by these vegetables then, many people who consume them. The need for these vegetables each day to the needs of the principal as well. Because every day people also require iron for their bodies.

Ways of processing spinach

Actually, to get the taste and benefits of a vegetable such as spinach is able to process them properly. Not only have capital and savory taste alone, but must also be healthy for the body. At first it was very healthy vegetables but may be not so good spinach if the processing is not within the rules. In a sense, this type of cooking vegetables should not be cooked too long, causing colors to fade and disappear partially vegetable nutrition importance.

Abstinence from eating spinach for patients with hypertension

Eating different kinds of foods derived from vegetables is actually very good for the body. But keep in mind also that not all vegetables are suitable for all conditions of a person’s body. Examples of vegetables are in English spinach should not be consumed by people with hypertension or high blood pressure. Iron content in spinach can make the intensity of the blood pressure is high. For that hypertensive patients can not consume vegetables spinach.


hey MusHou, yeah so true, but I really dislike the taste and smell of it, just is kinda too sour for me, never been fan of that vegetable, maybe you know some recipe which will hide its taste? my family loves it all except me. I am gonna give it a try once again since its really healthy and has so many benefits. Anyway gonna look here for more stuff on spinach on how to cook it without killing all nutrients.