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Are dairy produces bad for diverticulitus


Dairy foods are recommended to be avoided if a person has diverticulitis.
But not only dairy foods, there is a bunch of other foods that should not be used in order to avoid inflammation and accompanying symptoms.

At first, it was thought that foods with small seeds should be avoided like tomatoes or strawberries because of their little particles getting stuck in the diverticula. However, recent studies showed that these foods are perfectly safe to eat.
Some of the other foods, on the other hand, are not. They include: nuts, pumpkin, sesame seeds, and pop corn hulls.

Do you know what foods irritate you the most? I think that people with diverticulas should realize what foods bother them the most and avoid these. Each person reacts differently, eats different amounts of food, so everybody should decided for themselves.

Generally, it is high-fiber diet that does the good: green vegetables: like broccoli, cabbage, spinach, carrots, asparagus, and squash; and starchy vegetables, then whole grain breads and cereals; fruit like apples and peaches; and a lot of fluids.
Dairy foods, sugar, fried meals, red meat should be avoided.

If you suffer from diverticulus, make sure you don’t over do it with laxatives.