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So heres the deal Im 13 and I weigh around 122 now it turns out that my average weight is suppose to be 111.I was 127 and lost 11 pounds ever since but now since I'm 122 it becomes harder and harder to be active and dieting. I dont play sports because my parents dont have the time to bring me  to practice and I never started when i was younger.Although i do love to run so i run at a track and on the treadmill but its not an everyday thing, its mostly every other day.However my parents are devorst so when im at my dads he always eat junky i try not to eat junky but when he wants to cook all i eat is chicken.And when im with my mom its ok but not the best food.BUT WHAT I MOSTLY NEED HELP IS DIETING PLEASE WHEN COMMENTING WRITE A LIST OF THINGS I SHOULD EAT...REMEMBER IM STILL JUST A KID SO I DO LIKE SWEETS HERE AND THERE BUT I DONT EAT IT ALL THE TIME.HOWEVER IF THIS MEANS I CANT EAT SWEETS IM UP FOR IT...:/ BTW MAKE SURE THESE FOODS ARE LOW CALORIES OR ATLEAST WITH LOTS OF PROTEIN

THese are some of the rules that i do when im dieting

1) No rice

2) No fried food

3) No fastfood resturants 


Sweets are fine in moderation when you dont eat them everyday. If you go to a birthday party have a piece of cake and ice cream but the next day make sure you work out a little harder. Try to eat a balanced meal with meat, vegetable, and a little bit of starch with a fruit for desert. Eat small meals and avoid seconds, thirds, etc. You are better off eating 5 small meals a day than 3 large meals because your body will digest the small meals faster. Right now at your age just eat healthy and work out and you will reach your target weight. There are tons of healthy recipes online so by planing your meals of what to eat you can loss weight. Bring your parents into it and tell them you want to eat healthy and work out a meal plan with them to help. Here is an example of good meals for the day. Also avoid pop and drink plenty of water, lemonade, tea etc.


1 egg, 2 slices bacon, glass of orange juice, apple juice, or milk (You can add some peppers to your eggs if you scramble them)

Snack 1

Fruit smoothie


Ham and cheese sandwich on bread of your choice you can add condiments to taste, 1 pickle, and a scoop of cottage cheese

Snack 2

Apple slices dipped in peanut butter


Grilled or baked chicken, type of vegetable like green beans, and mashed potatoes



Fruits and vegetables if your want a clean healthy way is eating lots of garlic and fruits drinking lots of water and drinking green tea is the best way to have a healthy diet wish i had some garlic right now got to wait till grocery day.. well take care godbless you.