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had a motorcycle accident and have a massive hip bruise, what could I do to help it heal faster?


Since bruises represent broken blood vessels from which blood leaked out and spread into the tissue. In order to get rid of the bruising sooner, there are certain natural “remedies” you could use. Most of these remedies you can find in your own kitchen.

For example cabbage. Who would thought that cabbage leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and promote healing? They also contain chemicals that prevent cancer (although this has nothing to do with bruising).
If you take a handful of parsley, squeeze it and apply it to the injured area, it would help by shrinking small blood vessels and promote healing as it contains many vitamins and has therapeutic properties. All you have to do is apply fresh parsley to the bruise and it should go away in a few days.

Fresh comfrey leaves used like poultices should speed up bruise recovery and reduce swelling. Use it only as a cream or oil, not in tablet form since it may be toxic to the liver if taken internally for a long time.

Give it a try and let us know how it went! Hope it heals soon!