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I was kind of exploring my vagina for the first time ever yesterday. I found and stimulated my clitoris for maybe 30 seconds max. Afterwards I wiped my vagina with toilet paper and found a brown discharge. The discharge is pretty thin and smooth, and does not have an odor. I just finished my period maybe 1 1/2 days ago and I just started birth control (Loestrin 24 FE) one week ago - my first time on the pill ever.

I am wondering if any one can help me determine what this discharge is and if it's okay. I am almost positive that it comes from this clitoris stimulation (I did it twice after and the same thing happened). Even though my period just ended, I was not seeing any old/brown blood before I started doing this. Could it be from the birth control?

Thank you for whatever help you can give!


Well first off, are you a virgin still? If so, sounds like you have nothing to worry about. If you are stimulating your clitoris, it is your bodies instant reaction to become wet because it is preparing itself for sex. If that makes any sense? It may also be Vaginal Discharge, that is just your body simply cleaning itself out, perfectly normal. Vaginal Discharge is usually whitish in color. But since yours is brown, that is because you just finished your period and it may be old blood just leaving your body. I hope this helps! Like I said, sounds like you have nothing to worry about!!!