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i have had brown spotting between periods this month for about 4 days now. what's going on. i am very scared



Bleeding between periods has all sorts of causes. Some are quite serious, others are not serious at all. 

Some questions:

- Where in your cycle are you? (Spotting sometimes happens around the time of ovulation.)

- Are you sexually active, and if you are, do you use any form of birth control? (This matters for a few reasons, like possible pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, to the birth control pill and other hormonal contraceptives sometimes causing spotting between periods. Vigorous sex can hurt the cervix can cause spotting as well.)

- Do you have any other symptoms? Pain, perhaps?

- Has this ever happened to you before?

Depending on your answers, I'd say either "it's never WRONG to see your doctor, even if the cause is likely benign" to "definitely see your doctor". 




Good day. My girlfriend and I had a dry humping last month on her first day of menstruation. She masturbated me and I come but she's wearing her shorts and she had her pads on. Now, she is supposed to have her menstruation last Sunday but till this time she's not having her period. And she told me that she had a colorless discharge yesterday but she's not feeling any sort of breast tenderness, cramps or being light headed.