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A friend of mine has recently begun to have irregular periods. She is 19 years old about 5'3" 105 pounds and had regular periods up until three months ago. She told me that she was spotting irregularly and that it was not the normal normal color but was instead darker maybe a brown color. This spotting does not according to her occur at the same time her period is supposed to but instead randomly happens multiple times throughout the month.

I could only come up with six reasons why such a thing would occur.

1. Extreme Exercise
2. Stress
3. Pregnancy
4. Cancer
5. Medication
6. Hormonal issue independent of previous possibilities

After talking to her I know she is not sexually active, barely exercises, is not stressed, and is not on any medication. Her being 19 I don't know how probable her chances for cancer or hormonal imbalance are but was wondering whether the community could come up with any other possible reasons for her irregular spotting to occur.


She should go see her doctor. Her being 5'3" and 105, she is underweight for her height. There are many unanswered questions that only a doctor or a NP can talk to her about.

It also could be cancer or even a thyroid problem. Hopefully not. I used to be very thin and had a very light, spotty period for 5 years until I gained weight. It then became normal and was 5 days.